It's a work in progress, but here's to 2018 and an update!

By Maison Bennu

Hello again,

We want to thank everyone who has visited our site and shared interest in our journey, and especially thank you to anyone who has purchased any of our merchandise, your support is appreciated and truly invaluable.

We are currently looking at completely revamping our website to offer a more user friendly experience and provide better quality pictures of our merchandise. It's a learning experience, and we test everything as we go.

We are currently working with a few different manufacturers that custom make everything to order, so we appreciate your patience and support. 

Our goal is to begin releasing music sometime in 2018.  We wanted to try and further build our following on social media before releasing music, but it is our desire to release unique projects and package them with artwork and merchandise that is representative of the sound to offer fans a more immersive experience. 

We have some pretty awesome music lined up already from some of our friends and family from around the world, but we will begin accepting demo submissions shortly as well.   Also be on the look out for Radio Bennu in 2018, a weekly podcast featuring unique mixes as well.