By Maison Bennu


Maison Bennu is an artist collective, record label and lifestyle brand.

Bennu is an Egyptian deity, and symbol of rebirth, often credited as being the first depiction of the mythical Phoenix.  Maison Bennu is of the belief that every day is a new day and with that comes the ability create a new future.

Our goal is to release music and art from talented artists of all genres and our friends family from around the world.  We want to pair unique, genre defying music with captivating artwork and offer an immersive consumer experience for the fan. 

Convenience has made streaming key, leaving fans with out a tangible item to support and relate to. We want to make dope merchandise, that is applicable to everyday life and to do so to the best of our ability!

Currently we have some merchandise available for purchase in our shop.  All of the merchandise is custom printed and made to order from our manufacturing partners.  As an independent label, this currently is our primary source of income, so any support will be invested in releasing music and projects from talented independent artists.

It is our intent to begin releasing music in sometime in the beginning of 2018, and with your support we will be able to bring art and music, free of genre, from around the world.  Once we finish a few things with your legal team, we will be ready to start signing releases. 

Follow us at @maisonbennu for regular updates on future releases.